Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

We'll create a lifetime of memories for your special day

When you’re planning your wedding, there’s no such thing as “too much” or “too little.” We know that every couple has different ideas and beliefs about what makes a perfect day—and we want to help you make it happen.

Whether you’re ready to book our venue today or need some questions answered, we’re here for you!


To reserve the entire venue for the day, the price is $2000. 

Lobster Dip with Pita Chips $250.00 per 50 people  

7 Layer Mexican Dip with Tortilla Chips $225.00 per 50 people  

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Pita Chips $215.00 per 50 people  

Hummus Pull Apart $275.00 per 50 people 

Shrimp Cocktail $2.75 per piece  

Vegetable Spring Rolls $125.00 per 100 pieces 

B.B.Q Pulled Pork Sliders $425.00 per 50 people  

Vegetable Arrangement with Dip $2.75 per person 

Cheese and Cracker Arrangement $3.75 per person  

Fruit Arrangement $2.75 per person  

Bruschetta Stuffed Mushrooms $145.00 per 100 pieces  

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms  $185.00 per 100 pieces  

Fried Chicken Wings Choice of Sauces $240.00 per 100 pieces  

Meatballs Choice of Sauces $225.00 per 100 pieces 

Bruschetta $165.00 per 100 pieces  

Mini Chicken Tacos $140.00 per 100 pieces  

Mini Beef Wellingtons $325.00 per 100 pieces  

Potato Chips and House Made Dip $3.00 per person  

Chips and Fire Roasted Salsa $3.00 per person  

The following entrees are served with your choice of one side, add a second side for $3.75 per person.
All entrees served with salad, choice of 2 dressings, and rolls.   

6oz Filet Mignon- $37 

 New York Strip 10 oz- $29  

Prime Rib 10 oz- $36 

Ribeye 8 oz- $29 

Ribeye 10 oz- $36 

Champagne Chicken- $22 

 Chicken Madeira- $22  

Chicken Piccata- $22 

 Grilled Atlantic Salmon- $24 

If you do not see what you want, we can custom tailor a menu to fit your needs. 

(50 or more guests) 

Buffet Option 1 
Rolls and butter
Tossed salad with choice of two dressings
One entrée with two sides


Buffet Option 2  
Rolls and butter 
Tossed salad with choice of two dressings 
Two entrées & two sides 


Buffet Option 3  
Rolls and butter 
Tossed salad with choice of two dressings  
Three entrées & three sides

Sliced Prime Rib $3.00 per piece 

Pineapple Baked ham 

Baked or BBQ chicken 

Chicken Marsala over Rice (Optional) 

Champagne chicken over Rice (Optional) 

 Chicken Piccata over Rice (Optional) 

Gouda Chicken 

Baked Mostaccioli with or without Ground Beef  


Vegetable lasagna   

Baked macaroni and cheese  

Vegetarian Pasta ala Roma  

Vegetarian Pasta Primavera  

 If you do not see what you want, we can custom tailor a menu to fit your needs. 

Baked Potato
Roasted Redskin Potatoes
Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes
Mashed Redskin Potatoes
Green Bean Mix
Captain Morgan Glazed Carrots
California Blend
Sicilian Blend
Wild Rice 

The following items are available to add as one of your side options for an extra cost per person.       

Twice baked potato- $2.75
Au ’gratin potatoes- $2.25
Duchess potatoes- $2.75
Loaded mashed potatoes (bacon, cheese, and scallions- $3
Asparagus- $2.75
Homemade Baked Macaroni and cheese- $3.75 

The following items are available to add as your buffet salad option for an extra cost per person. (Still will be hand-served to your guests.)   

Caesar Salad- $3.50
Antipasto Salad- $3.50 

Seasoned ground beef, grilled chicken, refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, soft & crunchy taco shells, and Tortilla chips.  

Condiments: lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, scallions, black olives, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa.

Seven-layer dip, Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas.

$18 per person 

My son and his lovely new bride chose the Cadillac Grill for their wedding reception. I'm so very glad they did! I don't even know where to start with the raves about the venue. The bar service was outstanding and well-staffed. No one had to wait for their drinks at any point during the evening. The venue itself is beautiful and the scenic overlook over the course was so pretty, even in the winter. The sunset view was top notch. Craig and his staff took care of setting up and taking down and were open to and took care of the changes that the bride wanted when she stopped in to see things before the wedding. Dinner service was well done. Once service began, it was timely and well-orchestrated. I will only say that this is the BEST wedding food I have had in ages. Everything was outstanding!! Four days later I am still getting calls from friends and family raving about the venue, its staff and food and drink. I think that is a pretty good testimonial in itself!

- Tracey M.

All-inclusive & Custom Packages

Whether you’re planning a small intimate wedding or a big bash, we can accommodate everything in between. Our custom packages allow you to have the best of everything and make sure that your day is exactly how you imagined it. We have the best event planners on staff who will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day. And don’t forget our custom meal and drink packages—they’ll give everyone at the party something to talk about!

Let us help you create a lifetime of memories for your special day.

Wedding Venue

Enjoy a few rounds from the bar with your golf group!